Not so random thoughts of an IR researcher involved in the massive open online learning movement ...

Quiz questions anyone?

I have just finished this academic year’s edition of Big Data Processing, a Bachelor course I have been teaching for a few years now. As I am not a big fan of teaching the same course for 5+ years, I am happy to move on to a different course next... [Read More]


Top Grant The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research has recently announced the list of proposals awarded funding through the Top Grant Scheme. The TOP2 is a personal grant worth about 220K € which funds a 4-year PhD position and some extras. This year my proposal on Large-Scale... [Read More]

From Learners to Earners

MOOCs aim to “educate the world.” More often than not, however, MOOCs fall short of this goal — a majority of learners are already highly educated and come from specific parts of the (developed) world. Learners from developing countries without a higher degree are underrepresented, though desired, in MOOCs. One... [Read More]

ACL 2016

In this post, I have collected the 15 most interesting papers I came across when attending the 2016 Association for Computational Linguistics conference - my first time at ACL. Nowadays, a lot of computational linguistics is deep and correspondingly there is a lot of interest from industry to hear... [Read More]

Sub-document timestamping

After a number of recent learning analytics papers, one of my PhD students just got a full paper accepted at TPDL 2016, analyzing the creation dynamics of “sub-documents” on the Web. Knowing when Web document content was first created is important for a number of reasons - including many... [Read More]