Quiz questions anyone?

I have just finished this academic year’s edition of Big Data Processing, a Bachelor course I have been teaching for a few years now. As I am not a big fan of teaching the same course for 5+ years, I am happy to move on to a different course next year - creating new lecture material, drawing up new assignments and generally having an excuse to dive into a new area is still (and hopefully will always be) exciting to me!

Why am I writing this? Not to lament about teaching the same course(s) over and over, but to provide some additional material here. I have already uploaded slides, assignments and exams on the Teaching site, the only missing item are the weekly class quizzes I ran. While quite a few of them were open-answer quizzes or extremely specific to the material taught, nearly 80 were multiple-choice/multiple-answer questions of various levels of generality. To make these questions usable to others, I have converted them (with the help of the basic and very easy to use quizgen tool) into actual interactive quizzes.

Due to the limited export functionality of our LMS, I converted the questions by hand, let me know if you find errors, there are probably a few!

It may take 1-2 questions until you understand the way the quiz shows the correct/incorrect answers; at least it took me a few minutes to figure out why I saw so much red in my answers (focus on the small green ticks and red crosses, not so much the giant green/red bars!).

Having said that, here are the quizzes: