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Overview of venues, research themes and datasets relevant for conversational search.

Workshops and conferences

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Research themes

This categorization was created in a bottom-up manner based on the 300+ papers accepted by the workshops/conferences listed above (up to and including the MICROS 2021 workshop). Each paper was included in only one category or sub-category. This is of course purely subjective; ask 10 different researchers to come up with categories and you get 10 different results …

The bracketed numbers starting with → indicate the total number of papers in this branch of the tree; e.g. there are a total of 48 papers that fall into some node inside the Domains category. The bracketed numbers after a sub-category without → indicate the number assigned to this particular node by me. For instance, chitchat (4) means that 4 papers fell in this category while Alexa Prize (3) means that three - different - papers fell into this more specific sub-category.

The mindmap was created with markmap, a neat markdown to mindmap tool. The svg of the mindmap is also available: open it in your favourite browser to experience an unpixelated mindmap. If you want to reuse the categories, alter/update/edit them, take the markdown file as starting point and then head over to markmap!

research themes

Interestingly, if you check out the report published about the Dagstuhl Conversational Search seminar in late 2019 (where many researchers came together to define/work on a roadmap) you will find that the themes chosen there are not well covered in the above research lines. Dagstuhl themes:

Relevant datasets/benchmarks 🗂 and leaderboards 🚴

Other datasets


Other sites