Not so random thoughts of an IR researcher involved in the massive open online learning movement ...

ICLR 2019

Browsing through the accepted papers of ICLR 2019 (the conference takes place in May 2019, the notifications came out around Christmas 2018) a few works stood out to me as an IR researcher - the list is below. Compared to the previous years, my impression is that the number of... [Read More]

On the Impact of Group Size on Collaborative Search Effectiveness

While today’s Web search engines are designed for single-user search, over the years research efforts have shown that complex information needs - which are explorative, open-ended and multi-faceted - can be answered more efficiently and effectively when searching in collaboration. Collaborative search (and sensemaking) research has investigated techniques, algorithms and... [Read More]

EMNLP 2018

Once a year, I try to attend an NLP or ML conference, usually picking the one that is closest in terms of location. In 2016 I was at ACL in Berlin :de:, in 2017 I attended ICLR in Toulon :fr: and this year I made the trip to... [Read More]

Search as Learning at CIKM 2018

In recent months, we spent a lot of time and effort to design and implement a well-functioning open-source collaborative search system called SearchX. I wrote about it here. Having done all the implementation work, now is the time to reap the benefits of the work, i.e. run experiments... [Read More]