15th Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop
November 25, 2016
In cooperation with SIKS.


Workshop Program

The workshop program contains 2 keynotes, 12 oral presentations and 7 poster presentations. Among the 19 accepted works, three are novel research contributions. Throughout the day, there will be plenty of time to network, discuss and exchange ideas.

Keynote Speakers

Max Wilson from the University of Nottingham will provide an HCI perspective on IR.
Carlos Castillo from Eurecat will talk about the detection of algorithmic discrimination.

Dates & Location

Submission deadline: October 14, 2016
Submission notifications: November 1, 2016
Workshop date: November 25, 2016

The workshop will take place at the TU Delft Culture Unit, located on TU Delft's campus.

Call for Papers

DIR 2016 aims to serve as an international platform (with a special focus on the Netherlands and Belgium) for exchange and discussions on research & applications in the field of information retrieval as well as related fields. We invite quality research contributions addressing relevant challenges. Contributions may range from theoretical work to descriptions of applied research and real-world systems. We especially encourage doctoral students to present their research.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Document Representation and Content Analysis
  • Queries and Query Analysis
  • Retrieval Models and Ranking
  • Search Engine Architectures and Scalability
  • Users and Interactive IR
  • Filtering and Recommending
  • Evaluation
  • Web IR and Social Media Search
  • IR and Structured Data
  • Multimedia IR
  • Search applied to the Internet of Things
  • IR for social good
  • Other Applications (digital libraries, enterprise search, genomics IR, legal IR, patent search, text reuse, new retrieval problems)

We accept two types of submissions:

  1. Novel contributions: research papers describing original research that has not yet been presented to a wider audience. Submission of this type must use the ACM proceedings template. The maximum page length is four pages including figures and references.
  2. Research dissemination: proposals to present research, which has already been published in high-impact venues. The proposal should contain a summary of the research conducted, a clear reference to the original publication and a short motivation of why this work is interesting to the DIR community. The proposal is limited to one page in ACM proceedings format.

We accept submissions for DIR through Easychair. Accepted submissions will be presented at the conference orally or as posters; the presentation mode will be determined based on the reviewers’ suggestions. The authors keep the copyright of their submissions. A submission implies willingness of at least one author to register for DIR 2016 and present the work.


A printable program in PDF format is available.

 8:00 -  9:00 Registration
 9:00 -  9:15 Workshop opening
 9:15 - 10:00 Keynote I: Max Wilson
Providing an HCI perspective on IR
10:00 - 10:30 Coffe break
10:30 - 12:00 Session I: Ranking
(chaired by Djoerd Hiemstra)
Axiomatic Result Re-Ranking by Matthias Hagen, Michael Völske, Steve Göring and Benno Stein; originally presented at CIKM 2016 [Abstract]
Exploring Deep Space: Learning Personalized Ranking in a Semantic Space by Jeroen Vuurens, Martha Larson and Arjen de Vries; originally presented at the 2016 RecSys Deep Learning Workshop [Abstract]
Inoculating Relevance Feedback Against Poison Pills by Mostafa Dehghani, Hosein Azarbonyad, Jaap Kamps, Djoerd Hiemstra and Maarten Marx; originally presented at CIKM 2016 [Abstract]
Session II: Users
(chaired by Evangelos Kanoulas)
Predicting User Satisfaction with Intelligent Assistants by Julia Kiseleva, Kyle Williams, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, Aidan C. Crook, Imed Zitouni and Tasos Anastasakos; originally presented at SIGIR 2015
Active and Passive Utility of Search Interface Features in Different Information Seeking Task Stages by Hugo Huurdeman, Max L. Wilson and Jaap Kamps; originally presented at CHIIR 2016 [Abstract]
Beyond Actions: Exploring the Discovery of Tactics from User Logs by Jiyin He, Pernilla Qvarfordt, Martin Halvey and Gene Golovchinsky; originally published in IP&M 2016 [Abstract]
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 13:45 Keynote II: Carlos Castillo
Detecting Algorithmic Discrimination
13:45 - 14:30 Session III: Applications
(chaired by Carsten Eickhoff)
Evaluation and analysis of term scoring methods for term extraction by Suzan Verberne, Maya Sappelli, Djoerd Hiemstra and Wessel Kraaij; originally published in the IR Journal 2016 [Abstract]
Siamese CBOW: Optimizing Word Embeddings for Sentence Representations by Tom Kenter, Alexey Borisov and Maarten de Rijke; originally presented at ACL 2016 [Abstract]
Unsupervised, Efficient and Semantic Expertise Retrieval by Christophe Van Gysel, Maarten de Rijke and Marcel Worring; originally presented at WWW 2016 [Abstract]
14:30 - 16:00 Poster session (with more coffee)
Lifted Rule Injection for Relation Embeddings by Thomas Demeester, Tim Rocktäschel and Sebastian Riedel; originally presented at EMNLP 2016 [Abstract]
Hierarchical Text Classification Based on Separation in the Data or Feature Space by Mostafa Dehghani, Hosein Azarbonyad, Jaap Kamps and Maarten Marx; originally presented at ICTIR 2016 [Abstract]
Test Collection Building and Maintenance in Dynamic Domains by Seyyed Hadi Hashemi, Charles L.A. Clarke, Adriel Dean-Hall, Jaap Kamps and Julia Kiseleva; originally presented at NTCIR-EVIA 2016 [Abstract]
Tweet Search Result Diversication Using Word Embeddings by Kezban Dilek Kisa, Ismail Sengor Altingovde and Pinar Karagoz; originally presented at AIRS 2015
Topical Generalization for Presentation of User Profiles by Alex Olieman, Jaap Kamps, Gleb Satyukov and Emil de Valk; a novel research contribution [Paper]
Clustering Ordinal Survey Data in a Highly Structured Ranking by Priy Werrij and Rianne Kaptein; a novel research contribution [Paper]
Counting in Visual Question Answering - a concept detector based approach bu Maaike de Boer, Steven Reitsma and Klamer Schutte; a novel research contribution [Paper]
14:30 - 15:30 Session IV: A Mixed IR Bag
(chaired by Dolf Trieschnigg)
Power Analysis for Interleaving Experiments by means of Offline Evaluation by Hosein Azarbonyad and Evangelos Kanoulas; originally presented at ICTIR 2016
Content-aware Crowdsourcing Vote Aggregation by Piyush Bansal, Ioan Andrei Barsan, Martin Davtyan and Carsten Eickhoff; originally presented at CIKM 2015-16 [Abstract]
Document Filtering for Long-tail Entities by Ridho Reinanda, Edgar Meij and Maarten de Rijke; originally presented at CIKM 2016 [Abstract]
16:45 - 17:00 Closing
17:00 - 19:00 Drinks


We handle registrations for the workshop through EventBrite.

If you have problems registering this way, please contact Claudia Hauff at c.hauff@tudelft.nl.


The workshop is organised by (in alphabetical order):

If you have questions, please contact Claudia Hauff at c.hauff@tudelft.nl.